And if it isn’t the unorthodox Battle of the Chefs again. LoL It’s safe to say that we couldn’t get ’nuff of the first time – here.

The usual came around first, GROCERIES!!

From a worm’s eye view. =) totally candid.

And of course… we strayed:


As usual, fun comes in the picture!

Oh damn,you weren’t supposed to know how much I want to carrot-stab him. Multiple times. Are two carrots enuff?


Beware of the enraged fire-ball lass. ABOOGEN!

Neither were you supposed to know how much I want to stuff his gap with the carrot!

Check out his TONSILS yo.
They’re dangling.

For the record, i RESENT this picture entirely.

It put a (-_-“) on my face

Where the deadly knife becomes an object of play…


Oh well Rach, we ain’t as emo as this poor little lost soul below. The sausage-topus had strayed away from his family of sausages and is now the forgotten one.

Dear God, please guide him back to where he belongs

Aight, jokes aside.. we did our preps and anticipated the end-results

And that’s not all, There’s also..

The Walnut Brownies Japanese Potato Salad Crabstick Crunches ‘Vincent’ patties.

I have no clue why I didn’t get a snap of those. =/

But, I made it up by presenting ya a video here! Enjoy



Btw Vinz, kakak loved your ‘Ramly’ burger! =)

We had a fantastic time and were full to the brim! Yikes, better watch those love handles!

Anyone up for Kerachut? =)
no, I’m serious.

Hey! There’s four of us now!

Betcha can’t handle us if we ever went forth & multiplied! Uhmm.. okay, that sounded wrong. XP

HOHOHO can’t believe we’re gonna devour more food again this Friday by the beach! Woo hoo!

Okie.. toodles!!




Blog post over, I’m eating.



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