When the family comes down to visit me, many a time I’ve been asked by my mom or grandma :

“Jess, where should we all go eat today?”

Only to frown upon my answer :

“Ermm. idk anything. Chilis or Sushi Zanmai?”

Sometimes, my whole motley crew of a family would appreciate nothing but Chinese food. Yeah, they occasionally prefer those oriental delights of which I don’t know much about. Neither do I know where to take them to, should they opt for Chinese cuisines.


But with invitations courtesy of CK, Mr. Robert Yeoh and chef-son Mervyn, I know just exactly where to bring my family to now.. and so do you! Behold the glorious Penang Hawker Food and Nyonya cuisine, now in Kota Damansara.

The Wok Cafe’s signature dish

Often, I get comments such as :

“Woi Jess… from Penang
get to eat Penang’s good food. Not fair”

Now seriously, everyone can get a taste of original Penang food in The Wok Cafe. It’s actually a sister outlet to Hot Wok in Penang itself. There’s no wonder why it tastes like the same real shiznit. The ingredients and recipes are sourced from the island itself… travelling chefs yo.

The traditional Kiam Chye Boey Soup.
A powerful combo of salty preserved veggies, tomatoes and duck.

Apart from tasting the food, I couldn’t help but to dart my eyes across the room. The interior is really one deserving a standing ovation. It’s so intricately built with fine carvings, authentic Chinese-themed furniture and oriental antiques on display that it’s really hard not to think of the place as an ancient eatery from the early dynasties.


I immediately took a fancy to how the entire place was set as well. With neatly placed round tables and bamboo-looking chairs, I envisioned a sense of familiarity – a typical home of a Chinese family. (or a Petronas ad LOL)


Those dim spotlights which hung low from the ceiling above gave a very warm and cosy ambience. The bowls were of course, decorated with some very unique Mandarin designs imprinted on it.

Don’t mind us, we were finishing what we voraciously begun


CK also introduced me to this dish called Inche Kabin. It’s this Nyonya-style fried marinaded chicken drummets, of which my tasteb initially mistook as Pandan Chicken.


It tasted wonderful. By the looks of it, I was expecting the usual dry and deep fried chicken drummets but no. The moment I took a bite, I knew I wanted a 2nd one. The flesh was relatively tender, the skin was crispy and the mix of spicyish-tangy-wow-idk-how-to-describe-it flavour was just fabulous!


I practically grew up with the dish above. My granny and maid cooked them very often. It’s a combo of fried mixed veggies, mushrooms and octopus in Nyonya style which goes hand in-hand with lettuce.

There were so many people in the house and more lining up outside during lunch hour! As I observed, The Wok Cafe’s customers were made up of mostly Chinese families or working adults in groups of 2-8 people. Or other food-lovers likes us!


Ya know how back in the days, ol g
ranny would reward the kids with candy for being good lil boys and girls or simply by just finishing their spinach?
Well, my great grandma would gimme those treats too.

Speaking of treats, it’s time for dessert!


This one’s my favorite. Ima huge fan of mangoes! And this one is an awesome blend of Cendol and Mango bits. Goodness me. The fragrant coconut milk a.k.a santan and the way they did it with the mangoes was rad! I’m certainly coming back for this one.

Yes I’m saving the best for last.

I’m pretty sure you know him

Oh yes.. here’s The Wok Cafe’s version of Ice-Kacang!


That signature bowl of shredded ice, kidney beans, coconut milk, sago and many more makes their ice-kacang one of the favorite desserts to end a complete meal.


And ohyes before I forget, benjicajess.com readers are entitled for a nice lil promo! Just print the voucher below and present it when you are ordering your foodies.

Customers get to enjoy 10% off the food menu price at this outlet
(and for my readers in Penang, buzz me if you want the Penang voucher too)

This voucher is not applicable for eve and public holidays,
weekends and promotional items.

For the Kota Damansara outlet, the voucher above is valid till end of
December 2009 and for a bill of RM100 and above.

Have fun pigging out with the family people!
It’s a must-try

Come up with any excuses again or where to eat
and I’ll whoop your ass real hard