Malaysia consists of 3 main races – Malay, Chinese & Indian. So if you were born in Malaysia, it doesn’t mean you’re a Malay. Please. You’re a Malaysian.

LOL I just had to say that. My couzzies who have long migrated to Oz tend to think that they’re Malays. Wrong my dears, you’re Malaysian Chinese, just like I am.


OMG looks like colorful *ahems*

Anyway, in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadhan, I was given an experience to be part of charity with an established hotel. Being a huge conglomerate is easy, but being one with a big heart to contribute back to society is something noble to be proud of.

With F&B Director Andrew and CEO Tim

That being said, I felt very honoured to join the 5-Star Prince Hotel & Residence KL for a buka puasa dinner with the children from the Pusat Jagaan Nur Salam, Chow Kit Orphanage. Also, Les Clefs D’or Malaysia sponsored the to and fro journey to the city specially for these children.


Talk about sharing and caring for these underprivileged children
One for all, all for one!


Now, that’s what I call social responsibility. Illusion Work and BooBoo the Clown (omg saying his name is so weird) were the awesome bunch who entertained the kids while waiting for their 7.21pm prayers to break their fast.

Myself & Xin with BooBoo the Clown wtf

Check out what (omg do I have to say it again) BooBoo the Clown did for them! Honestly, I was fascinated at all those animal creations he could shape with the balloons in such a jiffy!

From Ali Babba hats

And even green elephants!

The lil ladies did have their share of lovely balloons too

Hearts were always meant to be simple

To Pink Princessy hats & cute teddies

And even an elegant white swan

Yeah okay fine you’ve got me there – colorful balloons are such love! FYI I’ve always been a Disney gurl too. Some things never change. There’s a child in every one of us right? heh

Stole Xin’s balloon hat for the fun of it!

In the midst of mingling and getting to know these children better, I notice that they were all crowding around the face-painting booth. Hmm.. since they were grouped together already, I thought I could manage a group shot with them!



I hate the photo below because all the kids are looking the wrong way and I looked like a toad without a neck . Of all the timings in the world to coincide, this photo had to be taken exactly on the time they were allowed to eat.


So naturally, all the kids looked towards the direction of the food in the midst of this supposedly picture-perfect shot! ROARRRR.

Yeah yeah, skip the piccies and dive straight into the food darlings!

CEO Tim was nice enough to sponsor & invite the kids
He’s even helpin them with their food!

A total Oliver Twist scene πŸ™‚

Anyhoos, I grabbed my share of the sumptous Malay Ramadhan food. I’ve always had a thing for Malay food in terms of local delicacies.

Most of us agreed that the lamb was awwhh-summm
Check out the adorable mini burger

The children loved it, as we can see. Hey, it isn’t everyday they get shipped off to neverland full of clowns and balloons to have a feast all to themselves! Woot woot


We camwhored a lil before digging in


I think I remember a point in my life quite some time ago when I despised children. Well, I’m glad to say that I do not anymore! What’s there not to like? Sans all the excessive wailing and crapping in pants, beneath all those layers is nothin’ but brimming innocence

I melted when she smiled at me


My my, he’s gonna turn into a fine young man

Heart rending. You could just see the smiles on their faces! It’s nice to know that all of us played a part in giving them such a fun and memorable experience.

This humble yet deliciously wholesome charity session was a wrap when Tim was giving out Duit Raya and Andrew with the goodie bags for our little ones. I mentioned to Tim that today would definitely mean so much to them…

… and he replied
“No, it sure meant a lot to ME”

Likewise, it meant a lot to me πŸ™‚
Charity has always been the way to go!


Lastly, congratulations to all the fasting Muslims this time round! You’ve now entered the final week in your pursuit of puasa. Reward yourself this coming weekend