Funnily enough, I’ve always thought that the generation of this era is the ‘it’ generation of everything. Y Generation, as we are called, is the epicenter of the universe where everything is in live feed.


Call us whatever you like, but I’d like to think we’re the new and savvy generation. The ones who find it essential to broadcast our updates/info to the world, hence giving rise to the new social media like YouTube, Blogging, Facebook and Twitter. We make our own luck and stay a step ahead. Now, you no longer have to be old and balding to be a CEO… make way for the young & capable bosses of the corporate ladder!

Dontcha think so?


If it wasn’t for our being in this Generasi Hebat, (Bahasa Malaysia for ‘amazing generation’) we wouldn’t have also made so many friends all over the globe. The thrill of adventure is what keeps us going! We let nothing stand in our way.

Imma tell you that this amazing generation that I’m a part of is called Generasi Hebat and why it’s so hebat to be just like us! : )
Brands has identified 5 core traits about this generation

Handal (Ingenious)
Explorasi (Open Minded)
Boleh (Go Getter)
Aktif (Alert)
Tekun (Determined)

There ya go.. education goes a long way. Nice new Bahasa Malaysia words to learn for the day, courtesy of Brands!

Gone are the ways of snail mail (unless you wanna impress your granny) and smoke signals are now nothing but just a puff above our barbeque pits. Our method of communication is now through emailing, texting, IM-ing and 3G.

Why, of course I wanna be part of this generation!
The new is what we live for and we embrace it well.

I can always remember the times that mom makes it a point for me to drink my Brands Essence of Chicken when I stay up late to do revisions for PMR and SPM. It helps me to stay alert and stay awake especially while mugging for those exams!

We are ready for anything!

And guess what? Till now, I never fail to have a gulp of it when I’m staying up late when I’m swamped with piles of articles to write and photo after photo to cross-process. It means a lot to be born into this generation.


Give it another few more years, and I gather that iPods, earphones, headphones and those of such will now be biologically classified under the human anatomy. We never quit. We let nothing stand in our way. It just keeps growing, era after era! LOL. We are the reaction to every action caused.


Generasi Hebat is personified by 5 young hebat individuals who have been specially chosen to lead the campaign. The energetic Hafiz, multitalented Hou Ren, Akim & Aril from Akademi Fantasia 7 and Black, the winner of Mentor 3.


So Imma stay smart and savvy proudly in this Generasi Hebat. But hey, even if you ain’t in this generation
, you can always have a gulp of Brands Chicken Essence too. Ohwell, health transcends at any age!


I attended their launch with Ringo and Jaclyn just the other day, and we watched these 5 youthful personalities as they made their public debut today with a specially created song entitled ‘Juara’

See smokin’ hawt entrance summore!
It has to be HEBAT weii

Pretty cool how our kids will ask us if half-bitten apples and berries were named AFTER the Apple iMac or Blackberry smartphone. We seek answers when others question. That’s the Generasi Hebat for you! And speaking of being tech savvy,

Brands now has their own application on Facebook too –

Oh and ya know what’s cool too? They had this bright lime green fashion accessory that came with our goodie bags. No, it’s not a shoelace neither is it a land yard – it can be ANYTHING! 🙂 Hmm… I feel a little Bohemian today, shall we take it neon instead?

How will your amayyzeeeng minds tell you to wear it?