The full coverage is here! What dya think could be the cause of the massive gridlock at almost all the highways heading towards Bandar Sunway? Apart from it being the Monash Ball at MOS Euphoria, there was an even greater celebration not too far away.

Yup, ma party people.
Put your hands right up where I can see ’em &
give a loud toast to Arthur Guinness.

For those who ain’t stout drinkers or have completely no idea what Arthur’s Day is about, it is a series of music events which have been organised to celebrate the 250 remarkable years of the Guiness Brewing Company. It will be held in Dublin, New York and yes.. us right here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Honoured yet? πŸ™‚

When I arrived, lotsa people were already crowding both the main and the VIP entrance. Let’s prove to Arthur that we know how to party as well. Hmmm.. as Malaysians would say, semangat lah!

The mo I got inside, I was in awe. Like, whoaaaaaa man. How long did the crew take to set this up! Amayzeeeeeng or whaddd?

Brilliant stage work

I walked around all over around the Arthur’s Lounge as well as the main zones of the Sunway Surf Beach area to shoot some piccies of the venue & merchandise on sale. But omfgwtfbbq the merchandise were friggin’ pricy!

Pretty though!

On stage at that mo was Reshmonu, our local singer-songwriter who did his R&B thang. Sorry to say though, I found that performance kinda boring. Next up was Joe Flizzow, Malaysia’s International Hip Hop Ambassador, otherwise known as ‘The President’. (LOL a lil narcissictic right)

Oops sorry one photo of their performance only cos
I was too busy camwhoring with tha party peeps wtf


Right after Flizzow’s show came the Taiwanese rap artist MC Hotdog (LOL glamour-names nowadays) along with his sidekick. They were rapping in chinese and I saw his fans rapping along really loudly with him.


Eh no joke. This fella has been on tour in USA!
Quite internationally acclaimed too

I didn’t caption the photo as such because I wanted him out of KL
One of his famous hits was ‘Korean Invasion’

Finally, it was the showdown that all of us were waiting for – The Black Eyed Peas! A lil introduction here for those of you who doesn’t know them (OMG who doesn’t know those peas should be sent to remedial school)

Will.I.Am | Fergie | Taboo | Apl de Ep

They are that awesome hiphop/dance pop music act from L.A and is one of the few artistes to have ever held the number 1 and 2 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 simultaneously. Their chart toppers pwned the US charts for 25 consecuti
ve weeks, creating history!


But waiting for the them to come on stage was forever, I tell ya. Nevermind, we took our own sweet time at the Silver Zone (freeflow of Guiness woots!) to camwhore all we wanted before the show anyways.


Looking very sober aren’t we?


Once the peas get their asses on stage, the party of the year will finally begin! Aight begin… BEGIN ALREADY!


Aptly, they kickstarted their show with ‘Let’s Get It Started’ and I won’t tell you what song they’re gonna end this good good night with because but I’ve got a feeling you already know! Pun intended.


They went back in time too and belted out some of their older hits which never failed to remind us of how awesome they’ve been year after year, album after album!


Off the top of my head, I remember them singing these older records :

  • Let’s Get It Started
  • Shut Up
  • Where Is The Love?
  • Don’t Phunk With My Heart
  • Pump It!

And their newer singles from their latest album The E.N.D (Energy Never Dies)

  • Boom Boom Pow
  • Meet Me Halfway
  • Imma Be
  • I Gotta Feeling

Their 90 minute performance took everyone by storm but the part which I despised the most was sloshing around in muddy ankle-deep puddles just to take photos of the Peas & their stellar performance.


Funnily enough, I was distracted from the ickiness of having my toes soaked in murky water when Will.I.Am seemed to be giving us a vocabulary lesson on the name of their single ‘Imma Be’. He went something like this –

Imma Be, guys, doesn’t make no sense.
The correct way is actually ‘I am going to be’.
It’s said in short form as imma be,
but the meaning is still the same, yeah?

Uh, okayyy.

We heard ya loud & clear, sir!

Will.I.Am then proceeded to spin his magic and remixed a few other record breaking hits. Popular club songs such as the ones from Flo-Rida, MJ and Rihanna had everyone at the mosh pit go crayzeee.


I was surprised when he played & remixed some old skool rock and acoustic songs too. Whoa! That really got me there. Oh, and… he also played the same set the night before at Blanc Le Club.

Okay ’nuff about Will.I.Am already. I was already tweeting so much about him last night during their performance itself wtf. Make way for everyone’s fave of the night!


Stacy Ferguson aka Fergie


Her voice was insanely powerful omg. The way she sang her vocals on ‘Shut Up’ and ‘Boom Boom Pow’. I literally raised my eyebrows when she held her chords for so bloody long and at such high pitched notes. She’s that good.


I’ve got not much to say about APL though, but I found his little mini-paces and odd dances kinda amusing. It fascinated me for a mo when I spotted him.

Oh and we’ve got Taboo here in the house too!


I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but I found him to be very womanly yet masculine at the same time. SoonSeng, who was standing with me was also of the opinion that he was very feminine in certain gestures (or perhaps his long hair? IDK)


But check out his tattoos & muscular body. Faaar from girlish.Yup.
He reminds me of some martial arts cartoon character from somewhere though.


Impressive futuristic dance routine transformer interlude dancers
who eventually transformed into stereo speakers





You should see KY’s photos towards the end when he got hyper
from one too many Guinness & jumping around

Ohyay they’re back!

Singing their last few songs

There’ll be an annoying male voice singin atrociously throughout the video
but it’s worth a watch!
See how B.E.P adapted ‘Malaysia’ & ‘Kuala Lumpur’ into their song lyrics

And as you’ve already watched from the video above, they ended the good good night with that song! I had an awesome time partying away to the Peas – bet everyone in the house felt the same way! Randomly, I reckon this party was definitely on an immense budget though, check out those confetti!

This marks the end of 25th September’s
Arthur’s Day at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

Oh pardon me, I just remembered something interesting.
Will.I.Am kept saying Malaysia is a “beauuutifull country with beauuttifull cultu
re and the foooood” and he pronounced Genting as ‘Gyen-Chee’.

Shot from the Silver Zone
Anyway, as I was saying, this event was certainly one to remember. After all, it lived up to its name of being the party of the year! Check out how it ended – with a big bang! Literally!


Asia’s Best Attraction wor.


Fireworks display was kinda long yay!
Think it lasted for more than 5 minutes


And my favorite was the heart-shaped fireworks display

Looks like Arthur sends his love from up above!

Phooohh finally. End of full coverage post, from the beginning till the very end of Arthur’s Day (except Danny One lol). Been sleeping at 5am since last night to quickly publish this post. Okay, it’s 4.43am now, eyes want to close edi. Good night


Have a good good night folks!
Were you there too? πŸ™‚