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I now have a new Facebook page for this blog! Do show some love and support at - Smile



After running this blog for 9 years, you must be wondering why there never was a Facebook page for my blog all this while!

Haha. Well, there is actually a little background story to it. Big Smile


When this blog started to gain traction back in 2007, that was coincidentally when Facebook began to roll out their latest product, Facebook Fan Pages. The blogger community was then quick to jump onto the bandwagon and started creating ‘fan pages’ for themselves. 

For some reason, I didn’t quite agree to this. Ugh!

And I still don’t. 



Fan pages? Really? I have never fancied the idea of self-proclamation of one’s non-existent celebrity status and I especially despise the word ‘famous blogger’ and ‘celebrity blogger’.

Do you really reckon you’re that ‘famous’ and worthy of creating a ‘fan page’ for yourself? 


This video might interest you. No, really. You’ve GOTTA watch it! It’s funny


Admittedly, maybe I might have taken this ‘fan page’ word a tad too literally and seriously. Surprised But still, I believe I am entitled to my own opinion, especially if I have never voiced my thoughts out nor offend anyone. 

Anyway, despite disagreeing with ‘fan pages’, I have always given my support and LIKEs to fellow blogger friends’ pages. So don’t chide me! :P


As time passed, Facebook somehow rebranded their ‘Fan Pages’ to ‘Facebook Pages’.

Only then I began to embrace and accept this. But still never created one because I still felt it was such a ‘perasan’ thing to do! Yell (For my non-Malaysian readers, it basically translates to being self-absorbed or being too full of yourself)



Anyway, fast-forward to 2012, I saw myself landing in the social media industry after being in the journalism & publication industry for a good number of years.

Being in this field and handling many major social media accounts for various brands made me see the importance of having a Facebook Page especially if you are your own brand/personality.

Another couple of years passed, with many clients and blog readers genuinely wondering and casually questioning me why there isn’t a public page to represent this blog. Tongue Out 


Good question.

I don’t know the answer either. Because I just never created one? What?!


And then it gradually dawned upon me that it was a necessity.

Facebook pages allowed me to tailor my content better on social media. I also wasn’t able to approve all friend requests, especially people I haven’t met or didn’t know personally/too well.

Facebook pages also provided me the audience demographics, analytics and insights which I needed to further improve to continue becoming a better blogger!


So there you go, after so much convincing from my fellow blogger mates around the world, my sponsors & clients, my blog managers, and even you dearest readers, I decided to give myself a very different birthday present this year.


Thus TheJessicat’s official Facebook page was born three days ago! Ha Ha

Do show some love on my new page, pretty please? Hehe. 



Will no longer be posting on my personal account anymore. Blog features, latest updates & pictures will all be moved from now onwards, so your likes on my new page would make me a very happy girl!

Also thinking of throwing a big birthday bash on this blog’s 10th Anniversary next year! I’m excited to make this happen. Wink


It’s been a long ride. Thank you for your all your support all this while, beautiful people!

Lots of love.


A Cinderella kind of weekend with Method Malaysia!



It’s time to clean happy!

Through all my years of managing sponsorships, I never saw the day I was going to be sponsored home cleaning products. Looks like it’s time for me to get domesticated. Surprised


Today, I’m going to take you on a personal trip to my home as you watch me conduct my weekend spring-cleaning around the crib. Intimate, don’t you think?

Not everybody gets to come home with me (Wink) let alone see me in my most unglam look getting down and dirty with the household chores.


For some reason, babyChivas always seems to know whenever I plan to clean my floor.

For this is the only time he ever chills on the coffee table!


Giving him a lil lecture, for shedding his fur everywhere and *occasionally*

pooping & peeing on places he shouldn’t.


I always dread spring-cleaning every Sunday fortnight, as needless to say, it consumes a huge chunk of my time and energy.

Besides, who likes to get their hands dirty? And there’s no one to help me either Crying


 But as of late, I have actually begun to look forward to spring-cleaning day,

thanks to method Malaysia.


The good folks of method has sponsored me 3 of their star products.

We’ll be testing that out today! Ha Ha



First up, the Method ‘Lemon Ginger’ Squirt + Mop Hard Floor Cleaner


This is a no-wax, non-toxic floor cleaner that smells amazing! Laughing

These recyclable bottles are made with 100% recycled plastic – I’m quite the environmentalist, so I had to make that point.


How to use? Just squirt it onto the floor and mop it with a damp/wet mop.


A thin layer of method is enough to wet and clean your floor superbly well.


Pampered prince chilling on the coffee table, watching me clean the house Doubt it!

You know, you can always make yourself useful like help mommy do the chores?


It actually cleans a lot better than my other floor cleaners.


Chivas actually fancies the smell!


Using method has actually saved me a lot of time and water as I used to wet my floor (first round), then mop it with floor cleaner and finally rinse off the detergent (2nd round).

But now, I do not even need to dilute method with a pail of water and there’s no need to rinse off with water, either.


Pail for sale, anyone? :P


My hard-floor cleaner is so versatile, as I’d mop my whole house with it!

My indoor tile, faux parquet and outdoor tile flooring – all in one go.


That lemon ginger extracts really make my tile flooring super shiny and squeaky clean.


I can testify that method leaves a much cleaner result and fresh-smelling finish.


No, darling. That sweet smell isn’t food. Big Smile


After cleaning my floor thoroughly, it’s time to wash my hands thoroughly and clean my dishes, crockery, cutlery & kitchen.

Here are the two limited edition handwash gel that are now a permanent fixture in my bathroom & kitchen sink.


Botanical garden

To have my fingers smell of sprawling manicured gardens, I simply use method.


Sitting comfortably at the edge of my sink.








While washing, you can already smell the strong floral scent coming from your hands.

After drying, take a whiff of your hands and it will be akin to spider lily, water lotus, bamboo and lush moss.


Onto my dishes and the kitchen! Ahh!


Mimosa Sun


Right after washing my dishes + hands, the smell of sweet nectar of orange, peach + lily lingers!


Since when did cleaning & hygiene become this fun? Cool

If you’re very used to all the other supermarket brands like I am, you will notice that using Method is a world of a difference!


Also, did you know that Method’s entire product line is safe for use around pets?

They are specially formulated to put the hurt on dirt without harming your furry friends. In it’s R&D, Method is also against animal testing, doesn’t contain animal by-products and is a PETA-recognized cruelty-free company. Smile Excellent job, guys!


It’s products like these that makes me feel at ease and safe with babyChivas around when I clean. No issue with him licking things he shouldn’t! :D


Armed with its distinctive packaging shape, effective non-toxic plant-based formulation, vibrant fragrances and sustainability practices, method is the real deal!



With babyChivas in my life for the past 3 years now, my house-cleaning habits have clearly changed, as I adapt and accommodate to his presence, the pet-friendly way. This video made me laugh though!


Looks like cleaning up babyChivas’ occasional ‘surprise’ kitty litter isn’t that hard after all.


I really gotta try this All-Purpose Cleaning Spray! So colourful ahmagawd!




They not only have floor cleaners and hand care, they have all sorts of surface cleaners, dish cleaners, kitchen essentials, bathroom, laundry, specialty, body care, wipes and more.

If you want to own a method for yourself, you can give this contest a try:


Clean Happy Awards at method Malaysia’s Facebook page.



1. Submit a story and photo of your pet on as comments on this contest post here, or post on method malaysia’s wall.

2. Use #cleanhappy and #methodmalaysia so it’s easier for us to find your photo.
3. Like the contest post
Contest deadline: 19th April 2015

Method will choose six posts/comments on why their pet is the messiest and how method can help clean up the mess. (it could be anywhere in your house!)
Six winners will receive method’s best sellers – 2 bottles of designed for good hand wash gels and 1 bottle of squirt + mop floor cleaner.


Thank you, Method Malaysia for your 3 delightfully smelling, gentle yet power-cleaning products. Now go and join the contest, fellow domestic peeps! :D





To stay updated with Method and their squeaky-clean products, get in touch!

Log on to their official website at:

LIKE their Facebook page at:

Follow them on Twitter at:

Purchase Method online at:

Stockists of Method:

How dope is this poppy den? Opium KL: Eat Drink Man Woman | Changkat Bukit Bintang



Disclaimer: Opium KL does not deal nor supply Opium in any way, shape or form.

You need to get those somewhere else ;)



Right after its grand opening mid last year, I was invited to the latest establishment along the vibrant Changkat Bukit Bintang, Opium KL.

And no, as mentioned above, it doesn’t supply the illegal substance, contrary to its name.


Located at the corner of the bustling street, its brick walls boast a deep, crimson red hue

with framed modern portraiture of young Chinese maidens.


First impression: Opium KL’s oriental theme and relaxed al-fresco atmosphere

is a sure pull-factor for all patrons and party-goers of the city (especially Caucasian tourists!)


 Eat. Drink. Man. Woman.

Can’t wait to see what this new kid on the block has to offer! Big Smile


Walking into Opium KL, I was spellbound by such authentic interior decor, perfectly capturing 17th century China within its four walls.

It was complete with the opium pipes, opium chests and other opium equipments, as well as the ‘lounge-bed’ chairs akin to those of opium dens!


 Whoa. No seriously, WHOA. And that’s not even all of it.

Beautiful. Really a work of art in its class! I felt like I was walking into the Forbidden City

or a museum of illegal artifacts.

They offer separate rooms too, for private dining!


 I was ushered to my table upon arriving.


 Beautifully-dressed waitresses began to serve us our soup & appetizers.

Boy, they really look the part too!


Peppery Lamb Soup


I loved this! Two of my favorite ingredients were made out of it – pepper and lamb!

Its combination of lamb cubes, carrots, potatos, spices, coriander and fried shallots worked well as a starter, to warm my tummy up for the courses ahead.

Not too peppery nor spicy too.


Fern Leaf Salad with Grilled Prawns

The next starter was a unique one. Wild fern leaves were prepared with huge prawns and tossed in ginger, sambal, flower shallots, coconut and lime juice.
It was slightly spicy, but juicy and delicious all the same.


Vinegar was given for us to self-sprinkle onto our dish.


Crab Cakes

These were such delightful bites! Real crab meat is made into tiny balls and infused with herb & sambal. It was indeed as juicy as it looks, with fillings oozing out of every bite.


Chicken or Beef Satay

You really can’t go wrong with satay. Opium KL nailed it perfectly too.

Assembled with the standard fare of peanut sauce-cucumber-onion-rice cake combo, there was however, one VERY note-worthy thing.

Each skewer contained little to no fats! If you’re a fitness junkie like I am, you’d appreciate that fact just as much as I did. ;)


Check out how water was served here!

Like the way they traditionally drank rice wine back in ancient China,

it was served in a porcelain bowl too.


Took a stroll around the restaurant while waiting  for my drinks and main course to arrive.


Yes, I found the lavatory signs very amusing and creative.


When I got back to the table, voila! It was filled with Opium KL’s signature house cocktails and twisted classics. Let’s take a closer look at them one-by-one, shall we?


5 fragrance mojito

This refreshing concoction comprises rum, lime, mint, 5 spices & soda.

It’s not your average mojito, I’m tellin’ ya. ;)


50 years storm

A bit of an acquired taste, this consists of cognac, sweet vermouth, angostura bitters, peychauds bitters & sugar



For the bold whiskey lovers, enjoy this whiskey, smokey whiskey, honey water, ginger & lemon juice combo!


Silk road martini

A simple yet strong pair of Gin or vodka and Noilly Prat – now served with diced caviar too!



Turn up the heat with this frothy shake of rum, grand marnier,

lime juice, orange juice & 5 spiced syrup!


After the cocktail tasting, I stepped outside to take a breather before the main course.


Dusk slowly easing in.


With Sascha, the outlet manager of Opium KL!

P/S: To all single ladies out there, he’s newly single now ;)


Angus Beef Rendang paired with Lotus Leaf Buns

This Angus beef was tender to taste, simmered to perfection with spices, santan, tumeric leaves and kaffir lime leaves.
Tastey and relatively spicy (but bearable!) the beef rendang was definitely worth coming back for. Laughing


                                                     Just sandwich it in the lotus leaf bun and eat it as a whole.


Spicy Prawn Noodles


This dish reminded me a lot of Penang Hokkien Mee.
It had a similar combination of yellow noodles & rice vermicelli, served with scallops, eggs, prawns, water spinach (kangkung) and beansprouts, all steeped in hearty prawn broth.

This Penang girl definitely approves!

We were full to the brim and adjourned to the al-fresco deck to have desserts and a few more drinks, we saw that the patio was booked out with Opium KL’s dinner crowd.


Moo and I just before dessert time.

(At that point, little did we know that we would end up officially together!)


Eat. Drink….. Man. Woman!


Cheesy Banana Fritters

Talk about a strong banana boost! Boyfie and I loved this heaps – we almost went for seconds but unfortunately we couldn’t stomach any more food. Who can resist fried banana and aged cheddar, topped with banana ice-cream?

Unless you aren’t a banana fan, but that’s besides the point.


Last but not least – Melon Ice to wash everything down. :D

Honeydew melon, sago pearls & coconut milk combo was a great end to a fantastic oriental meal


Thank you so much, Sascha and Opium KL for having me tonight – I had a superb feast!



For more info on Opium KL, get in touch with them!

Log on to their official website:

LIKE them on Facebook:

Join them on Instagram:


For reservations/dine-in:

Call them at this contact number: 03-2142 5670

Drop by at this address: 50 Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Loving my new bumblebee GARION bicycle! #JomReunion 6X Foldable Bicycles Giveaway Contest



On Valentine’s Day, my doorbell rang and the Citylink delivery man showed up at my doorstep with a huge parcel.

“What? No way!,” I thought to myself. Theboyfriend couldn’t possibly have any more surprises up his sleeve after a super surprise the night before, could he? After all, he was still fast asleep at noon when the parcel came.


 Turned out, it was a bicycle sponsored by the good folks of Bojio & Garion Bikes!


I excitedly dragged the huge box in (yes it was quite heavy!) before estimating its weight by trying to do bicep curls with it LOL. Cool

My first impression of it – boxed – was that it was compact enough to fit my car boot and most likely, slightly under 15KG.




Excitedly woke moo up and together, we ripped the box apart to unwrap, unfold and unveil our new bike! Big Smile


Kinda like this picture, as I can somewhat see the definition of my delts & triceps hehe.

Motivation to work harder at it! Laughing


I asked the sis who was watching us unwrap it, if she could cycle, and she answered smugly, “Duh of course I can, everyone can cycle lah.” 

I hung my head in embarrassment and looked at her pitifully, followed by a, “WHAT? YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T??” Yell

Yes, I absolutely cannot. For the very first time I cycled back in Ipoh, I was chased by a dog and fell off the bike resulting in deep, multiple scratches. CryThe second time I cycled was in Cambodia, and I got hit by a truck whilst on my way to Angkor Wat and ruined my holiday.

And that was the last time I ever I cycled a bicycle.Canny

Call it paranoia, but I affirm that I can no longer cycle a bicycle confidently anymore.


Almost toppled the bike over.

Candid shot that Moo took of me when I was freaking out.


I can, I will, I must. Baby steps – easy does it!

Picking up speed, balance and confidence all over again.


So thanks to Bojio and Garion Bikes, this is my third time attempting to cycle a bicycle again.

Thank you for giving me the incentive to face my fears! Smile


Also, major credits to the skilful boyfie of mine (yes, he’s doing the wheelie!),

who patiently taught me how to cycle again and rebuilt my confidence.


Hey hey hey! Look at me go! Slowly but surely :D

We had so much fun that Valentines outdoor date,

so much so that we’ve decided to make cycling a weekend affair! Kiss


Want to own a bike like mine? Read on…

Time to win yourself an awesome foldable bicycle by Garion Bikes, as Bojio is running a pretty cool contest!



It’s time to #JomReunion at all your favorite cafes and win yourself a bike worth RM699 while you’re at it!

This initiative aims to encourage people to socialize and see each other face-to-face beyond the screen of their smartphones.


Yup, specifically for these people. :P


From 12th Feb – 5th March:

ONLY 6 Lucky winners will receive a Garion Folding Bicycle!

Bojio’s #jomreunion is happy to invite everyone to come and join in the mission to make everyone meet & interact outside the online world – attempting to change back how people socialize, appreciate the people around them.

So take this long weekend break and have fun jio-ing your friends out this Chinese New Year #jomreunion. Smile




In short, this is how you do it:

Step 1 – LIKE Bojio’s Facebook page, Instagram page & Twitter page

Step 2 – Take a group SELFIE with your mates at the participating outlets/cafes

Step 3 – Post it up, TAG the outlet and HASHTAG it with #jomreunion


Here’s the list of participating outlets. Go check ‘em out and take your selfies there!


And voila! You’ll be riding home a Garion Bike folding bicycle! Big Smile


The kick-ass Garion G2017-BC

It looks like this when it is all folded up.


Here are some specs for the techy bike-geeks out there:



Mine is the adorable Black + Yellow one! Bumblebee will be proud.


It’s really easy to join, right? And the prize is irresistible! Laughing

You can take selfies as easily as this and don’t forget the #jomreunion hashtag.




Contest Terms & Conditions here:



Lastly, I’d like to share a very important public service announcement:
Whenever people jio you for hangouts, don’t disappoint them – MAKE SURE YOU TURN UP!



For more on Bojio’s contest & their awesome sponsor, Garion, stay updated with them!
Bojio’s Facebook page:
Garion Bikes Facebook page: