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I now have a new Facebook page for this blog! Do show some love and support at - Smile



After running this blog for 9 years, you must be wondering why there never was a Facebook page for my blog all this while!

Haha. Well, there is actually a little background story to it. Big Smile


When this blog started to gain traction back in 2007, that was coincidentally when Facebook began to roll out their latest product, Facebook Fan Pages. The blogger community was then quick to jump onto the bandwagon and started creating ‘fan pages’ for themselves. 

For some reason, I didn’t quite agree to this. Ugh!

And I still don’t. 



Fan pages? Really? I have never fancied the idea of self-proclamation of one’s non-existent celebrity status and I especially despise the word ‘famous blogger’ and ‘celebrity blogger’.

Do you really reckon you’re that ‘famous’ and worthy of creating a ‘fan page’ for yourself? 


This video might interest you. No, really. You’ve GOTTA watch it! It’s funny


Admittedly, maybe I might have taken this ‘fan page’ word a tad too literally and seriously. Surprised But still, I believe I am entitled to my own opinion, especially if I have never voiced my thoughts out nor offend anyone. 

Anyway, despite disagreeing with ‘fan pages’, I have always given my support and LIKEs to fellow blogger friends’ pages. So don’t chide me! :P


As time passed, Facebook somehow rebranded their ‘Fan Pages’ to ‘Facebook Pages’.

Only then I began to embrace and accept this. But still never created one because I still felt it was such a ‘perasan’ thing to do! Yell (For my non-Malaysian readers, it basically translates to being self-absorbed or being too full of yourself)



Anyway, fast-forward to 2012, I saw myself landing in the social media industry after being in the journalism & publication industry for a good number of years.

Being in this field and handling many major social media accounts for various brands made me see the importance of having a Facebook Page especially if you are your own brand/personality.

Another couple of years passed, with many clients and blog readers genuinely wondering and casually questioning me why there isn’t a public page to represent this blog. Tongue Out 


Good question.

I don’t know the answer either. Because I just never created one? What?!


And then it gradually dawned upon me that it was a necessity.

Facebook pages allowed me to tailor my content better on social media. I also wasn’t able to approve all friend requests, especially people I haven’t met or didn’t know personally/too well.

Facebook pages also provided me the audience demographics, analytics and insights which I needed to further improve to continue becoming a better blogger!


So there you go, after so much convincing from my fellow blogger mates around the world, my sponsors & clients, my blog managers, and even you dearest readers, I decided to give myself a very different birthday present this year.


Thus TheJessicat’s official Facebook page was born three days ago! Ha Ha

Do show some love on my new page, pretty please? Hehe. 



Will no longer be posting on my personal account anymore. Blog features, latest updates & pictures will all be moved from now onwards, so your likes on my new page would make me a very happy girl!

Also thinking of throwing a big birthday bash on this blog’s 10th Anniversary next year! I’m excited to make this happen. Wink


It’s been a long ride. Thank you for your all your support all this while, beautiful people!

Lots of love.


I have 10 pairs of passes to give away to attend the Party of the Century in Empire City! Are YOU in?





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Failure to do so will have your winning slot passed on to the runner up.

Hit with Ball So hurry!






20:01HRS ON 20/01



 Yes – the rumours ARE INDEED TRUE!

Remember my previous post about Paris Hilton coming to Malaysia next weekend?


Property developers Mammoth Empire has confirmed that they will be holding a star-studded preview of the City of Lifestyle & Entertainment for their brand new Empire City in Damansara Perdana.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a property developer throwing a party as big as this!



The 2.5 million square feet of net lettable retail area, 8 corporate towers and office suites, 3 international 5 star hotels and a cinema themed hotel are built around the 5 pillars that are at the core of Empire City; Design, Art, Music, Performance and Culture. Cool

Bringing these pillars to life will be an array of performers and artists, ranging from the renowned Korean group, 2AM, to flamboyant speed painters, as well as the traditional with a twist in the form of an LED dragon dance.



In addition, special performances from Paris Hilton, Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, and Australian tenor, Mark Vincent, will enhance the international atmosphere created by the honoured guests and business owners flying in from across the globe.

Can’t wait to be among the first to check out fabulous new hotspot out…(almost) fresh off the concrete!


I have actually zoomed past Empire City many times while driving along the LDP highway and noticed that it is still under construction. Now that’s gonna be pretty cool, partying in a place as raw as that – I wonder how they’ll transform it for the night? Laughing





The Party of the Century will be an exclusive preview of the integrated development in a vibrant, artfully stylised world. Think of it like a housewarming party – only that this is not a house, it’s an entire township of its own!

I’ve also heard that included within Empire City will be a number of unique offerings, such as the cinematic world’s first multiprojection theatre, an Olympic-specification ice rink and stylized boulevards, like Asian Food Street, that will bring the international luxury feel to life for residents and visitors alike.

Now that will definitely be one of the most unique hangout spots KL has to offer. Big Smile




And guess what the theme of the celebration will be? Big Boss

The roaring 1920′s! That means a whole lot of classic, glamorous and polished ‘The Great Gatsby’ style going around.

I’ve bought my dress and accessories already. Gotta stick to the theme and dress to kill! Wink


Share this picture! ↑↑↑



Now here’s the part that you’ve all been waiting for – I’m giving away 10 pairs of invitations to this exclusive party.



Step 1.

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Step 2.

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(Finish the sentence above in any way you like!) Wink











Winners will be notified within this post on 20th January 2014.


GOOD LUCK! Big Smile

And I really hope to see you at the party!

So I’ve heard…Paris Hilton will be performing in Malaysia!



Have you heard?

Paris Hilton, along with stars Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas, Australian tenor and winner of Australia’s Got Talent, Mark Vincentso, will be gracing the Malaysian stage in January – so I’ve heard from the grapevine.

So… Paris Hilton coming to Malaysia?

No surprise if you see her on our end of the globe, if you ask me.


She does, after all, have romantic-financial ties to our Malaysian tycoon, Jho Low. 



And if this is true, I wonder what her performance will be?Wink



DJ-ing? Hmmm… in my (rather frank) opinion, let’s just hope that socialite sticks to she what she does best, eh? She should totally pop a few more champagne bottles and party it up with us!

Pretty sure she’d turn up the heat…



How many people in the world can attain the bragging rights to say
“I’ve partied with Paris Hilton. Have you?”


Also, imagine rubbing shoulders with her. Yes… just imagine. Wink

Let’s admit it… she IS indeed a glamorously hot platinum-blonde bombshell.


And if the rumours of her debut in Malaysia is really, really true, you know, your star-signs have aligned and I could hook you up with a few exclusive, invite-only passes to the Party of the Century. Cool


Ladies! This could be you beside Paris Hilton:


I’m not gender biased!

Gentlemen, this could be you:


Yup. I’d definitely would want a selfie with Paris Hilton herself. Big Smile



I’m not joking. Or maybe I am? I’m rather keen to go there myself too..

Because really, how often would you catch Paris Hilton in the flesh?



Actually, I do know why. Laughing


After so many mixed and contrasting opinions all around the world about her DJ-ing,

I would honestly want to hear it and judge it for myself.



Stay tuned to find out how 20 of you can come along!

Featured on Bangkok Airways in-flight magazine – Fah Thai (Jan – Feb) 2014!



What a great start to 2015!

I’ve got so many things to share, so many new projects signed & sealed too. Promise to share them when the time comes, alright?


One of the little things that made my month a little brighter -

I was interviewed again, this time for a publication that some of you may or may not have heard of – Fah Thai Your Passport to the New Asia magazine.

For the frequent travellers, you might have perused the glossy pages of this magazine whilst jet-setting across the globe via Bangkok Airways. 



Bangkok Airways


Yup! It is none other than Bangkok Airways’ in-flight magazine. 

Much like Going Places to our Malaysia Airlines or Hemispheres to United Airways.



I was approached by the editorial team to give my take on some of the hottest spots that Kuala Lumpur’s nightlife has to offer; or more so, on what I am more inclined to do on my night out in the city. My piece is contrasted with JinnyBoy of Hitz.FM who is an early bird! What an interesting comparison…


Here it is! I’ve selected a few pages here for your viewing. :)



You can always download the full magazine too! Big Smile

They have an online version (e-magazine) of it: here


Here’s an excerpt I found on their About page:


Fah Thai is a bi-monthly magazine that appeals to the mostly European passengers of Bangkok Airways, Asia’s only ’boutique airline’ and Thailand’s second biggest carrier. Produced in both English and Thai, the magazine is a high end, glossy publication that focuses mostly on travel, culture and lifestyle. Destinations covered include Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui (exclusive to Bangkok Airways), Krabi, Pattaya, Phuket, Sukhothai (exclusive to Bangkok Airways!), Trat (exclusive to Bangkok Airways!), Guilin, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Jinghong, Luang Prabang, Maldives, Phnom Penh, Shenzhen, Siem Reap, Singapore, Xi’an, Yangon and Zhenzhou.

For two years running passengers from around the world voted Bangkok Airways the Skytrax “Best Regional Airline – Asia”. With over 500,000 readers per issue, Fah Thai provides a unique environment to reach a unique, affluent and captive audience.


Thanks for the little feature, FahThai! Am honoured to have graced your pages.

One last thing though – do you really reckon I am fierce? I’m as benevolent as can be… wouldn’t even hurt a fly :P Promise!