Hey everyone! I’m back from Indonesia!

It’s so good to be home on the Malaysian soil once more.


Was very sad to leave Indonesia so soon though! frown


Admittedly though, this four day escape to our neighbouring country really did me well.

Those of you who have me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook would know darn well how stressed and emotional I was regarding the political turmoil happening in Malaysia, biased news coverage, headlines on our mainstream media and never-ending protests in our nation’s battle for democracy. frown


Black days of mourning with my nation in protest of the breach of democracy crying

Keperitanku tidak dapat diluahkan dalam perkataan. Kurasa ditipu oleh pemimpin sendiri!!frownfrown


This had me following each and every update in the news pertaining to the tumultuous situation; getting so riled up in the process.

At that point, I wished I could just shut my eyes and just forget about all the troubles we were facing… or better yet, jet-set to another country for a while.


And I did.


Thanks to the US and Indonesian ASEAN committee, it's good thing that my trip to Indonesia for ASEAN Blogger Festival 2013 was scheduled last Thursday. laugh

I was invited to be a panel speaker during the conference. My session was 'Photoblogging' where I spoke about photoblogging, and addressed issues of the rise of photo-heavy content and incorporating photography into social media.


Thank you for having me! And kepada semua participant yang menghadiri session saya, terima kasih!

I hope you have learnt a thing or two smiley


How coincidental! Just what I needed – a moment to focus on my passion instead of my sorrows.

After three days of conferences, I'm home.


I’ve just landed in KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) and 

feeling lethargic from all the travelling and transiting!


Now that I'm back, I don’t know if I should catch up with where I left off? 

Sebenarna, aku sudah tidak tertahan dengan keadaan huru-hara politik ini!! angryangry


I’m still keeping myself in the dark about our political updates as we speak.

Succumbed enough to the political outrage. I guess… sometimes, ignorance is bliss after all.


I'm a happier person that way.laugh


So anyway, what’s been happening this week? A LOT.

Here's a little recap! devil


Attended Global Sound System – the official dance party of Music Conference Asia 2013!

Full blog coverage up soon!


Attended the Heineken Kick-Off to Ibiza beach party at The Mines Wellness Hotel

Full blog coverage up soon!


Headed back to gym to continue my daily routines


Let's get it on!


I cannot stress this enough, always remember to hydrate!

Your output of perspiration needs more input of h20! wink


Here are some of the post-workout food I cooked this week.

Due to popular request (or rather, demands from you all! frown), I will also run a series of cookbook articles where I will be sharing the recipes of cooking clean food and low-calorie meals when the revamp of the new face of my blog is launched, okay?


Grilled lemon-butter herb salmon and organic wholewheat durum spaghetti bolognaise

with mushrooms & chopped chives – all on top of a bed of crisp, fresh lettuce


A platter of rosemary & thyme grilled zucchini with low-fat cottage cheese,

roasted baby carrots, tomato, chick peas & black eyed peas

with baked pears for that extra, natural sweetness!


Wholegrain oats with soy milk, toasted banana slices sprinkled

with chocolate protein powder and sunflower seeds

Grilled salmon with sides of honey-baked baby carrots,

garlic pea sprouts and organic sunflower seeds


A power combo sandwich of tuna, omega eggs, organic brown flax seeds,

hemp & lettuce on traditional wheat bran toast.


Quick breakfast of Chocolate Protein Oats with apples, soy and flax seeds


Tuna salad with chickpeas, hardboiled eggs and lettuce


Spent time cuddling my kittyboy Chivas at home after my four days of absence.

I can't tell if he loves me or not, as my cat is seemingly incapable of expressing emotions blush


Tetapi biarkanlah. I'll just love him anyway, regardless! heartheart


To me, I enjoy loving and letting love surround me

There are many types of love, yes? It really doesn't matter if the feelings of the other person/animal/item are mutual.



If you love someone/something, it makes your world go round. To resonate with love and affection gives me a certain glow of happiness and a sheen of joy! heart 

Tak setuju? Well, when you love someone, it makes you happy, right?

Your argument is invalid cheeky


Was surprised with a McDonald's Hamburglar X Hello Kitty!


Was surprised again last week with the McDonald's Grimace X Hello Kitty!


I wasn't the only one being surprised. We decided to give babyChivas a girlfriend.heart


He didn't seem too amused nor fascinated with his new companion. Boo-hoo! crying


Aight, it's time to hit the sack. 

It's been a long weekend and a brand new working week beckons usdevil


Colleagues and I fooling around at work during breaktime.heart

Also, how often do we turn up in the same pattern of workwear? Never. Totally worth a photo!


Before I end this post, let me wish my dearest mother, godmother, nanny and grandmother…


"No language can express the power, beauty, heroism and majesty of a mother's love.

It shrinks not where man cowers, and grows stronger where man faints, and over wastes of

worldly fortunes sends the radiance of its quenchless fidelity like a star"


Dear mommies, your presents are with me! Await them when I see you at the end of this month heart

So sorry I couldn't be home to take all of you out, as I just touched down from Indonesia only this afternoon.


What about you? I do hope you had a great time with your mothers, or at least, remembered to personally wish her a very Happy Mother's Day. laugh 

Even the fact that we, their children, had them in our thoughts, would mean so much to them. Yup, mothers are really that selfless… or at least mine are! 


Sometimes, people tend to forget how the simplest things in life can be the most extraordinary.

But not for me. It’s always the simplest, tiniest surprises that makes the little girl in me most delighted!


Or… could it probably be just an excuse for me to eat ice-cream? 

Terpulanglah kepada saudara-saudari bagaimana nak mengerti! Hehehe devil

Have a lovely week ahead, dear readers. cool


Much love,



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