Day #1 of my intern life begins today! Daymmm.. it feels so enlightening; getting a taste of the real working world. I know I still have a long way to excavate what’s in store for me, but hey, this is as far as I can get at 20.

… and I’m getting there!

After a few test-drive rounds were made with dearRoomie 2days prior to today and guess what? It only takes me a mere 10minute drive on the Federal Highway to get to work! Perhaps another 10 minutes for me to park and grab some morning bites.

Snacks from… (you’ll know as you read on)

For some reason or another, I skipped brekkie. I blame it on the butterflies-in-my-stomach syndrome. Yeah yeah, newbies always feel a tad intimidated. And that’s a fact. ^_^

In my opinion, the ladies here are the epitome of sophisticated urban women. Both my immediate superiors – are classy, chic and stylish. Oh and, there was a red-head in the house too!
The guys were really friendly peeps too. They came over to my desk to say hi.

“Jess, you joined us on the right day!”
Chimed my colleague, Chris, when I joined the crowd at the pantry

Apparently, someone came back from Dubai, Chris himself returned from Spain. (Yes Spain, OMFG nicey) and they brought back some goodies!

Such luck huh? Candies FTW!

There were Toblerones (white choc & dark choc) some Feine Vollmilch-Chocolade, Toffee sweets and chocolate-chip cookies! Seriously, those cookies were the bomb. Idk which ingredient drugged me but jeez, I loved it. It was soft yet oozing with chocolatey taste.

Remind me to buy that if I ever go to Dubai.

My chronicles as an intern in a magazine company prolly isn’t as melodramatic as those big-time movies like ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and award-winning series ‘Ugly Betty’. But hey, I’ll document it sufficiently yet relatively general (to avoid breeching the contract I’ve signed) for my reading pleasure and yours.

But for a start, I would safely say that my boss
ain’t as hostile as illustrated above

Neither would I ever be a total klutz
as the star pictured below

Aight, it’s almost clocking into 7pm now.
Waiting for my ride to watch the premier screening of Fast & Furious 4 with my fellow bloggers tonight!


edit :

Even the beginning of the movie was a climax itself! I’d rate it a 4.5/5! Hunky Vin Diesel is cute as always too. >_<

Anyways, here’s a gallery of the group photos I’ve snapped with my blogbuddies!

Thanks Zhao, for bringing me for the movies

On our way up to the Cathay Cineple

Penyet grilled chicken bezzzz Yats!

Finally met Sue dearie!!! Love your shoes babe xoxo
My sweets from our SS gang

Just about to go into the theater.. … or was it after the movie? pardon me >_<

Had a blast at that premier screening!
Thanks peeps!