Once upon a time, people had the pleasure of inking their words out on pen and paper, or sent their love to someone abroad with a postcard. Dating even further back, those of the ancient times penned their stories on parchment with a quill.

Fast-forward to 2018, you are reading my thoughts via a brightly-lit screen on the verge of ruining your eyesight. 😀 And no, I didn’t write this. But clearly, I typed it.

It often dawned upon me that the novelty of personally dedicating a handwritten note or a card to a loved one has long dissipated with the times. Have we all forgotten the meaning or significance it carried? How far has technology brought us off the beaten track? 🙁

As a writer, I’ve always been propagating the importance of personal touch in every gift or gesture… and that can be achieved with your good ol’ friends – the pen and paper. In line with my personal conquest, I was glad that The Techy Hub & The Inkredibles invited me to their launch event, aptly named ‘Relive the Print’.

Read on to find out who I sent postcards to! 🙂


It was a lovely Sunday afternoon when I made my way to the event. Colorful balloons greeted me at their entrance!


It was no surprise that the walls of the walkway leading towards the event was decked with origami/art & craft with white paper.

I received a wonderful (and heavy!) surprise gift the moment I walked in.


Inside, I was enthralled! A huge arch stood tall indoors – fully made of paper planes! (Yes, the same ones you used to make in school and throw them around the classroom when the teachers’ aren’t looking!)

You will see it in the video later as you read on. 😀

There was also an impressive collection of notebooks, journals, postcards, greeting cards, tutorial books, wire-bound notebooks, sticker books and so much more on display!

I know one of my besties, Anis, will reel in delight if she sees this. She’s a notebook hoarder! 😛

There was a photobooth that prints out photos too! (They fully DIY-ed the machine). That’s Kurwin and I. He’s their digital marketing guy – super techy & awesome at what he does!


I had my fair share of fun.

So glad I got to take the prints home!


Did you know that Letterpress/Relief/Typographic printing is the oldest form of traditional printing techniques? I had the chance to stamp my very own blank notebook with letterpress!


Unleashing my inner Picasso with these tools of the trade!


It’s been so long since I’ve last drawn, painted, sketched, doodled and created something. 🙁

I remember I used to be so immersed into Arts & Crafts back in Elementary & High School, that I would get A’s for the ‘Pendidikan Seni’ subject. Before I started to earn my own money, I used to write poems, letters and hand-make my own gifts for my (then) love interests, as opposed to buying gifts off a shelf in a commercialized store.

In fact, I still have my handwritten poetry and photos of my artwork & cardboard crafts, as I always snapped a proud photo of it before I gifted them away. 😀 😀 (Maybe I’ll show you, if you guys are interested!)

From 3-dimensional cards to perforated books containing amazing surprises, print will no longer be a dying art, as long as The Inkredibles are concerned.


Check out the short video I made!


These creative minds even DIY-ed a post box that looked EXACTLY like the real ones on our Malaysian streets! :O


The very moment I saw that, I knew this was my chance to send out handwritten postcards to my loved ones & closest friends. So here goes…

Ready, set, go! But without practice, I believe the aesthetics of my handwriting would have long gone to the deep dark corners of the earth.


I was given options to select my favorite photos from my iPhone and have it printed as a postcard, or choose from their quirky designs. Obviously, I chose both! 😀

Apart from the fact that the lack of practice had cramped up my fingers & palms after 45 minutes of non-stop writing, the joy of being able to write something personal for my nearest & dearest felt like no other!

It’s a wonder how we used to sit for 2.5 hour examinations back in school where we did nothing but write and write and write for the entire duration.


I think I made, printed and wrote about 10 postcards!

I can’t wait to see the joy on their faces!

They actually caught me in action just as I was about to drop off my postcards!


Thank you for an eye-opening experience, folks!

I’m all for supporting your cause – re-instilling the true meaning of connection through print.





From personalized gifts to quirky stationeries, The Inkredibles aim to bring back the nostalgia of flipping through physical pages of books. Be Inkredible, bring their products along on your adventures, craft new stories and create new memories with them!

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