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Don’t chide me – I’m more than aware I’ve been gone for almost a year.

Not giving up and will at least pen a few stories before the year ends. But hey, at least you’re following me on Instagram (@imthejessicat) I hope; I didn’t go completely MIA just yet!

OOTD for the night:

Dress by Sarah Joe | Heels by Pedro | Bag by Chanel

Currently working on two blog articles and this is just one of them. The other one is taking a wee bit longer as I’m making a video for that staycation experience too.

I need way more discipline and speed to get back into my old blogging habits. 2019 Resolution maybe?

Dear readers, how I’ve missed you.

How I’ve missed writing and sharing my experiences with all of you! ❤️

There’s so much to update since my absence and so many stories & thoughts to share, but here’s one for today in the spirit of Christmas. This festive season, I had the pleasure of tasting the Christmas & New Year’s Eve Menu of Signature and took in the beautiful sights of Stratosphere – all thanks to the good folks of The Roof.

When I walked in, I was pleasantly surprised with the renovation and revamp of The Roof.

The last time I dined in there was a couple of years back and I thought it couldn’t look any better than it initially did! Great job buddy Roen, Dax and team!

Soon after, the waiters ushered my date and I to our table. I was taken aback – enthralled by the table decor.

Honest to God – I was not expecting such an elaborate table setting!

This photo was actually taken after dinner. Apologies!

Was too excited and I didn’t manage to shoot an aerial view of the table before dining.

Isn’t it lovely? 😍

Those elegant candles on a menorah, rose petals, faux crystals and faux grass on the table that truly embodied a beautiful and romantic modern garden ambience. (Yes, I know I’m easy to please)

Right after I was seated, I was first presented two signature cocktails.

The first was my old and all-time favourite, the Watermelon Slush.

The Signature Watermelon Slush that I’d totally vouch for!

Creatively served in a half-watermelon, the Watermelon Slush is refreshing and not too sweet.

Definitely something worth enjoying at any time of the day!

I wonder who’s POV this is.

The second cocktail was this year’s Christmas Cocktail – the Red Rudolph.

Whilst not being a fan of cocktails in general (probably due to the amount of syrup – read: high amounts of sugar! – and artificial flavourings in most cocktails) this one was different. It tasted rad!

Particularly amused by the marshmellow decor which was made to resemble Rudolph’s nose.

This photo was taken by the Samsung Note 8.

I rue the day there was ever a photo of me using a Samsung device. We’re sworn enemies.

Being such an Apple fangirl, there was no way I’d ever be caught dead using an Android.

But I guess that’s about to change… 🙂

The Mixologist of the night was so gracious to come over and say hi too.

She was super sweet and attentive to us as well.

Thank you Latz for your really cool cocktails! Keep it up ❤️

After a couple of shots around the beautifully decorated table, the main courses were already served before we knew it. We was served all four mains, which was great, because I was then able to feature all the mains of this specially crafted festive menu.

Staring hard at you my dinner.

Signature at The Roof’s Festive menu comes with a buffet of starters, soup, desserts, a carving station and a choice of one main course.

The Chef of the night, Danial Thorlby, had made the effort to come round our table to explain each and every one of his specially crafted dishes too.

Thank you, Chef Dan, for being so gracious and welcoming!

In the exact sequence of arrival, the first to be served was the Chargrilled Lobster.

Seeing how much I loved seafood, it was no surprise that this dish was one of my two favorite dishes of the night. This is probably something all Penangites can relate to. Our undying love for seafood.

The meat of the lobster, as the name depicts, was deliciously charred.

The dry heat imbued its meat with the taste of the natural juices seeping from the shell, giving off a smoky, more complex and caramelized flavour.

The interesting combination of veggies at the side was such a good accompaniment to the lobster as well.

The second dish was arguably my favorite of the lot. Clearly, Jessicat loves her fish. 😀 😀

It was the Pan-fried Codfish. The skin of cod was fried to a nicely golden brown – so crisp!

The flesh remained soft and tender beneath and seasoned to perfection. If I could eat Cod for every day of my life, I would. 😛

This dish also came served on a bed of creamy mashed potatos and clams at the side.

I gulped down this dish in a flash. Whoops – not sure if I left any for my date to enjoy. When it comes to fish, it’s mine. ALLLL MIIINNEEE. 😛

The third main course I tasted was the Chargrilled Ribeye Steak.

Meat lovers, you’re in for a treat! The steak was rich, juicy and full-flavoured.

It came as a surprise when it was served medium-well to well-done; just the way I liked it. They didn’t even have to ask!

Cross section. Yes, yes… I’m aware that the best way to eat steak is to have it medium-rare, but being squeamish to blood got me not opting for the latter. Oh and, I was also overjoyed when I saw Brussel sprouts amidst the two rounded slabs of Ribeye.

The mushrooms, broccolini and purple carrot were a fantastic pair to the steak as well.

The fourth main course selection which had me reeling was the Lamb Shank.

Now, being quite a lamb person, I was quick to dive headfirst into that dish.

It didn’t disappoint at all! The lamb, cooked in its own juices, rewarded me with the most succulent and meltingly tender bite to taste.

Also served on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes, it was paired with one of my favorite veggies of all – asparagus. The world needs to cave into more veggies, one asparagus at a time.

Oh, and don’t get me started on broccoli.

Was so satiated! Took a break from all the food and photos; headed over to the balcony for a breath of fresh air and the unparalleled view, amidst the breezy night sky.

By the time we came back, it was already time for dessert!

Apart from the above mains, the Dessert buffet also features a Christmas log cake, gingerbread house, festive tarts, mini cakes and many more!

Here’s what I managed to taste.

I was glad to have tasted all the four main courses and share my thoughts about them with you, in hopes that it will help you decide on your main course this festive season at Signature, The Roof.

Although I didn’t get to taste the starters, soup or carving station, I’m glad I didn’t as I was already so full to the brim after indulging in tonight’s palette pleasing dishes! 🙂

You can also head up to Stratosphere after dinner for an uninterrupted 360º view of the suburb!

So, if you’ve not made your Christmas or New Year’s Eve plans yet, you still can.

With such a modern garden interior boasting a cosy festive ambience and a sumptuous feast, what’s there not to love? Countdown to 2019 with their festive buffet overlooking a panoramic view of the city as you wine, dine and be merry in the spirit of this joyous season.

To all my Christian friends, here’s to wishing you a very jolly Christmas ahead!

And to the rest, Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year’s ahead. Feast and be merry!

Available on: 24th & 25th December

For more info: 03 8605 3388 | www.theroof.com.my

Opening Hours: Weekdays: 10am-10pm | Weekends: 4pm-10pm

Socials: SignatureAtTheRoof | fb.com/SignatureTheRoof

Address: Sky level, 1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

So, where will you be celebrating New Year’s this 2019? 🙂